MNC Vs Small Consultancy

Hello All,
Could you please help me out with your suggestion. I am bit confused and would like to know if
some one have gone thru this phase.

I was working with Big MNC for 8 Years ( 5 Years India, 3 Years USA).

Moved to Small Consultancy( Genuine) on E-V-C Model and working for 3 months now. I do get paid regularly with no issues. Client is one of the well known big firm in USA and my company provide services to this client from 2005.

Compensation is very good with this consultancy as I am working on per hour basis. I have developed good relation in these 3 months. Have got appreciations as well.

I have got offer from Mid Size MNC ( Good Presence in India as well) but pay is $8K less than current consultancy.
This MNC have got H1B transfer approved and asking me to join ASAP.

Question : I am confused to take decision now. Should I go for Mid Size MNC or stick to current job.

There are pros and Cons with both. Biggest benefit to work with Consultancy is New Learning, high pay and 9 AM -5 PM work. I learned new technology here and chances of learning are high. Consultancy don’t give Paid Time Off. They may not help me to get new project. They and Client told me this project will run for at least 3 Years and do not worry.Client is happy with my work. But you never know when budget goes down and you are out of project.

I know client of Mid Size MNC as well . I worked with this client in past.I may have to work for more than 8 Hours with less pay ( This is Decent pay at my location). Life will be stable but no new learning at all. I would have Lead role.No Individual Contributor. I have to lead team of 10.
This company wont ask me money for GC and ready for 10 days paid time off. If I would like to move to India in Future, I have option to work with this company from Offshore as well.

Please suggest what should I do :(.