Missing employer signature on the H1B petition

My petition was selected in the lottery and I recieved a receipt number on 15th of April. Now, the status was inital review till last week with the following status:

Initial Review

On April 22, 2013, the 15-day Premium Processing clock stopped on your I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. A notice was sent on this date explaining the specific reason for stopping the premium processing of your case. This notice will contain detailed information on further action required by you. Your premium processing receipt notice contains contact information for direct inquiries on your case.

My attorney recieved an email from USCIS that the employer signature was missing on page 12 of the petition and as a result USCIS has stopped the processing. I sent the petition with the employers signature yesterday. Will my application be rejected because of the missing signature ? The status still shows as initial review and my attorney is confident that the case won't be rejected. Just wanted to know that even after being selected in the lottery and after issuing a receipt number, can the petition still be rejected ? 


It will not be denied. Your attorney can send the corrected document to USCIS and they will restart the processing.


Thanks for the reply. I was concerned as I came across many cases which were rejected due to missing signatures on LCA’s and incorrect filing fees. I hope I get a reply soon as my case is through premium processing.

Is page 12 related to LCA? If the petition was filed w/o the LCA, then that it definitely a big concern. If just a signature is missed in I-129 form, then that’s a different thing.


The missing signature was on pg 12 of the I-129 form. The LCA was complete.


In that case, my initial response still stands. Missing LCA is more critical than just a missing signature.