Minimum L2 VISA validity period for entry in to USA to be allowed by the officer at the port of entry?


I am a L1 B VISA holder which is due for expiration on 5-Feb-2016. My employer is going for an extension. My spouse had to travel back to India due to some personal emergency. She will be able to travel back here on or after 5-Jan-2016 (30 days or less remaining for her L2 VISA expiration). I have following queries:

  1. Can she be denied entry into USA by the officer at the port of entry due to less than 30 days remaining for her VISA expiration? (My employer’s attorney told that the officer at port of entry may deny her to enter, and suggested that she should travel at least 2 mnths before her VISA expiry)?

2 If the answer to the above query is YES, then can she request the officer on the basis of my L1B extension to allow her to enter? What doc proof she need to provide in this case?

3 If she is allowed to enter into USA, what minimum period will be required to file her extension?

4 Once her visa extension is filed, will her VISA will be extended along with mine automatically?

Hello I am also in the same boat , your response is very much helpful.

Please help us.

There are no regulations that the port of entry will be denied if she has only 30 days visa validity, I know people entering with even 1 day validity. She should keep a copy of the L1 Receipt Notice and tell the officer that the principal L1 is pending and she will apply for L2 extension immediately. In fact, CBP officers will notify her that L2 is expiring and apply for an Extension.

I do not think the attorney has knowledge of the POE process.