Mine is H1B. But my wife wants to work.

Hi forum,

I am 5 years into IT industry. This year, my company is filing my H1B nomination after I agreed to work from US. Recently, I got married and my wife doesn’t want to stop working and is very career oriented as I am. Her company is willing to give work permit for Japan to her.

As spouses cannot work in US on H4 visa. Now I am in dilemma whether to sacrifice her career for my H1 benefit or shall I leave H1 for this year and wait for next years to come, when she is ready.

I dont want to work alone in US, as this moments are important for me personally. Same time,I am not able to decide if losing H1 is a good idea as we know how difficult its been getting these years…

Any personal experiences? suggestions on how can we plan career are very much appreciated…

Thanks in advance.

With so much happening with H1, I would suggest you to go to Japan with your wife. Hopefully the H1B quota will be increased for next year and you can file for next year also. It all depends on what you want to do.

On the other hand, try your luck this year - anyway it is going to be lottery(most likely) and see if you are lucky.

My point of view - Personal benefit is more important than USD :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I would answer only on your H1 option: Try to talk to your H1 employer and explain the situation. Ask your employer to file your Green Card LCA ASAP after you arrive in US on H1. If your luck favors and you get a sooner(typically it takes 7-8 months to a year) and have your second stage of Green Card(i-140( filed immediately under premium process, upon the approval of your GC LCA, your wife could apply for H4EAD. All these would take anywhere from 1.5 years to 2 years. (in the mean time, your wife also can apply for H1 this year and next year too). But getting H4EAD is the better option instead of own H1 for your wife.
Just in case if you cant spare the gap in your wife’s career/your both separation for some time, you have to stay in India and keep trying for your both’s H1 possibility to happen at the same time.