MBA in USA- All there is to know


I am Sam and am planning on doing MBA in USA. I have no knowledge of good Univesities or when to apply or how to apply. I dont know when to take GMAT and TOEFEL or what exams to take.

To be frank i have no idea regarding any important procedures to study in US.

Can you please plase help me out??

I am in my B.Com 3rd year.

Thank you

Please read articles related to this in the RedBus2US blog MBA in USA.

You need to take GRE or GMAT and TOEFL

You need to plan well. Here is a  [Sample Plan for Fall 2011]( , just need to modify it for Fall 2013. You can make it to Fall 2013, if you plan well. 

Just browse through the articles on the blog, you will get some idea. Also, check Universities websites, it will also list the requirements.