MBA- 6 yrs Exp. Banking Job in INDIA-want to apply in US


I am working in India from past 6 years as Branch manager in a large private bank. I want to know how can i apply for a banking job in US. like chase, BOA etc.

i am totally unaware of VISA requirements, applying process ,timelines etc.

would highly appreciate if you could guide me how it is done.


Not to disappoint you but I haven’t seen banks sponsoring any retail banking candidates which seems to be your area of expertise. But in general to find a job in US -

  1. Network & Network - Linkedin is a great resource, let your friends know that you are looking for a job.

  2. Host your resume on Job portals and look out for jobs that interest your on such portals. Indeed is great job aggregator,so are Vault,Ladders,Simply Hired,ivyExec,Linkedin

  3. Once you narrow down the choice of companies look at the job postings on those company websites.

  4. You can also get in touch with Headhunters

The general hiring cycle can take anywhere between 3-10 weeks.

Finding a mgmt/financial job in US out of India though not impossible will take a lot of effort. It might be simpler if you can try for a lateral transfer in your company to US and once you are here job search can become much easier.

H1B is given for a speciality occupation. ( pls see the website, to identify what is a Speciality Occupation).

FOr a company to sponsor an international , they have to prove it to the Gov, that the skill sought is scares and unique.
Unfortunately the possition of BM, Retail banking does not require any particular special skill set , which would not be readily avaiable in USA>

Hence I am certain, that wouldnot qualify for a H1B sponsorship.