maximum no of universities we can transfer in F1 status???

Hello Guys,

I have F1 visa on Arkansas state university and I started my education here in USA in JAN 2015. Then as soon as I entered USA I had transferred from there to George Mason and I have completed one sem in that university. Due to some issues now im transferring to memphis college for FALL 2015. Now is there a possibility for me to transfer from memphis university to another university.

Many ppl have told me that while holding F1 status we can transfer 3 colleges ie only 2 sevis transfers. Is it true???

Can any one help me with this info.

Thanks in advance.

Well, I am not sure, if there is such a rule that prevents transfer of schools. I have not seen it anywhere. In my view, technically it should not stop you from transferring as it is just SEVIS tranfer. The only downside with multiple transfers is that you may not be able to transfer all the credits you have taken at previous schools. In grad school, the most you can transfer is about 9 to 12 credits depending on school.

Please check with the DSO at the school you plan to transfer, they would be the best person to advice as these regulations keep changing.

Hey Hi I am also trying to get same kind of information, I am planning to transfer to 3 Universities. So will it be a problem? Pls help