Masters in MIS with 2 plus experience

Hi Friend,

I am working in India as database administrator in a well high reputated MNC. I carry solid work experience of 2 years and looking forward to pursue Masters program in a Reputated US university which got missed out after my college.

Since i deal with database adminstration, security and servers also not much interested into programming, coding stuffs. I have circled MIS course which offers the flexibility of both Technical and Management fields. But floating in dilemma whether for MIS i have to write GRE or GMAT.

Also does any school provide part-time courses in MIS so that i could continue my work and study balanceā€¦

Please feel free to advice. Your opinions are highly appreciated




 Typically, decent schools need you to take GRE or GMAT for admission.  Yes, you have the option to study partime, if you are in US and working on H1B or L1 visa.  Most of the schools offer part-time programs for working professionals. You would need to check with school as well. 


Read this article : [Study in US on H1B Visa ](