marrying to one of my close friend ( american citizen). just for getting a green card.

Hello all

basically one of my close friend is a us citizen.And we have planed to get married so that i can get green card. i know its not good. but here she just wants to help me. so i wanted to know that how risky it is. but here me and my friend both are ready to fake for some years and after receiving my green card we will get divorce and all. so here she’s just helping i want to know that after getting married how much time it will take for me to get a green card and after that how many years after that we can have divorce.plz help guyz i know its not good. my friend wants to help me in this. but i just wants to know the consequences and how to act like that we both are not faking and are serious about our marriage. plz help


So,no wants to give advice here ?

WARNING: This site doesnt help any illegal/fake/unethical/inhuman activity. Please reconsider your thought before getting banned from this site.

Having the above warning in place, I would suggest you to be away from such thoughts… its not just illegal, but it will screw up your life beyond your imagination. There are MANY legal ways to get to your dream, try to catch hold of one.

Good luck

Immigration fraud is a Federal offense. You are at risk of serving Federal time and then deported to your country of origin with a lifetime ban on re-entry. Your partner will be tried under Federal Law as an accomplice and will do jail time also. This is not a recommended route for anyone. Legitimate status change options are provided by the US government and you must always follow the correct lawful pathway.

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