Marrying H1 b , plans to take up Phd as F1 . How to progress


Have got lot of quries and wish to get answers for some atleast :slight_smile:

  • Am M Phil clinical psychology from India … H1 b fiance ,…plans to get married this year .

After reading the H4 plight , plans to apply and take up PhD on F1 ( even if i have to pay huge fee :frowning: ) .

  • Now how shoudl i progress ?, shall i apply and get I 20 and than marry .

-Moving with him ( h1 b) to USA as F1 student married - will this have complications ?

  • Any one who is doing Phd /MA in psychology or related field please leme know too .

You can search when the courses will be starting. You can then decide whether it gives you enough time to come to US on H-4 and then file for COS from H-4 to F-1, or file F-1 while in India and come here directly to study.

Generally, it is easier to file COS from H-4 to F-1 than to apply F-1 visa stamp in home country.

If the school permits, you can start the studies on H-4 and file for COS to F-1 simultaneously. Once COS to F-1 gets approved, you can enroll on F-1 from next quarter/semester.