Married Name Change on passport during visa processing

Hi Saurabh,

Need your suggesition in name change situation.

My passport does not have my married/husband's name. I got L2 visa with same name (before marriage) and I am staying in USA and recently applied for L2 & H4 which are in process.

1. Can I change married name on passport while visa process is ongoing?

2. Will name change affect on visa stamping interview?

3. Can I change name in USA and then appear for visa stamping with old name on petition?

4. What is the best way & time to change married name in this situation?




pls can you reply


I am a similar problem now. I want to change my name from maiden to married while renewing my passport and then appear for H1B stamping in India with I797 and I94 that has maiden name. Will this be a problem ?