Many rejection for Student visa ,Bro us citizen, filled Immigration file , Wrong dob in I797, parents petition approved

Hi all,

I need your help in the following question… Situation is against me but determined to give best in the interview.

  1. My brother is us citizen and he has filled immigration petition for me … How should i justify non immigrant intent.

2)Dob is wrong in I797 and I129 Already taken dates so cant do much to ammend the petition… Need comment on this.

  1. I am single will it be problem ?

4)company A is holding my Petition. In india i am working for Company b as full time employee and also i am providing services to company c who has provided me the client letter.

  1. Many rejection for student visa in 2002 , I have rejection from us n canada in 2002 i have secure the visa for uk but i came back due to personal Reasons … What can be effect of this …

Is it advisable to tell them that i am working for the company C as freelancer with current Job and In us i am going to work on the same project but from My employer (company A) location. I have meeting invites , pay stub of Company C where i am involce as lead programmer.

5)My brother has filled petition for my parents which is approved… what can be effect of this on my H1b…

All things are against but still I am determine to give my best in the consulate …Please advice me…



Your case is indeed a complicated one!

I’m afraid that point 1, 5 and 6 give direct impression about your Immigration intent even if you don’t actually intend to settle in the US.

2 and 3 shouldn’t be a problem, though I’m not entirely sure about 4. I mean, how can a company (A) file your H1B Petition when the Client Letter is from company ©. I suggest you to switch to the company which is sponsoring your H1B Visa, fly to US and then decide whether you want to work for company A, B or C…

Please consult with your employer/attorney properly and go with their advice.