Low LCA Wage Level

Does anyone have clear idea on LCA wage level classification. My concern about a visa extension is that, my employer filed the LCA with a lower wage level, than I am supposed to be in.

For eg: If I look at flcdatacenter.com, and lookup for my City and Job code for which visa application is being filed. The min wage is $xxx,xxx for wage level 3 for my City limit for the specific SOC code. And my income is above that. Basically it looks like to me, that I could file with wage Level 3.
However my employer is filing the extension with wage level 2 in LCA.

What could be the reason? What are the odds for a denial having it in Level 2? Should I ask them to go with Level 3?
I have asked many. No one has any clear idea on how this should be handled.

Well, it is your attorney who will decide based on the position that is being filed for, your experience for the same and the required wage will be based on the level selected. Just changing the wage level cannot be done, if the offered job for H1B does not require it…So, you need to discuss with your employer and attorney and understand their rationale for filing it under certain wage level and see, if it fits the job description.