low cgpa...ms in cse from usa..plz help..

i am btech cse 2012..just started my job

my academics are average..

10th- 81%

12th – 64%

btech cse -6.4 cgpa(58%)(5.38 , 5.39 , 7.33 , 7.83 , 6.1 , 7 , 5 , 6.74)

my family is going through a very tough time from the last 2 yrs..so i was not able 2 study that well..i always wanted to do M.S in US..but due to my father undergoing some major surgeries in the last 2 yrs..i had to postpone my plans..now by god’s grace things are slowly coming back on track..so i am planning to start my preparation and give GRE somewhere around mid 2013..and apply for fall 2014..

Do i still stand a chance of getting admit in a decent university with this profile.. even if i get a decent enough GRE score(around 300-310)..i am really interested to persue my masters..i have the knowledge but not the marks..:-(

plz help..

If you have a good GRE and TOEFL scores the chances get higher. I dont mean to say that you B.Tech score is not enough( as it depends on the admission committee of the school you apply to), but if you feel that it is less try to compensate that with a high GRE score.

When you have that, in the visa interview, if they ask as to why you scores are less in BTech you may explain your reasons then.