Lottery receipt NOT received but SEVIS updated

My SEVIS record was updated and OPT cap gap extension was approved until Sept. 30, 2017. But my attorney has no information regarding the petition though. But does this mean I was picked in lottery?



Yes, but everything is confirmed, only when your lawyer receives the actual receipt from USCIS.

Thank you. My lawyer has not received any receipt nor has my check been cashed. While my college has given me an updated I-20 with cap gap extension.

I don’t know how they can issue one. They need to have proof that you have applied for H1B, which is the receipt notice, in order to issue a cap gap I-20. It looks like somebody in your university is not following the rule book.

Hello, What happened to you case later…? Is you case picked up or not. I have the same issue in 2019 H1 processing. My SEVIS updated but my employer has not received any receipt neither check has been cashed.

My H1B was approved. All the best :+1:

Was your H1 picked at that time. I got the Receipt number from my University, but my attorney didn’t get any case receipt and also cheque isn’t chased. Will it update later…? This is my last chance, so just getting tensed.

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In the same boat. Last chance and Sevis is updated. Lawyer has no clue

Same here, please let me know when any of you finds out the outcome! Hopefully we got picked.

I finally got the email from the lawyer. :slight_smile:

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