Lottery 2020 - How the hiring works?

Hello Guys,

Could you please help me with a question please, the H1s visa quota for 2019 is full. So a new H1 can be introduced in April 2020 for a start date on October 1, 2020, right?

How do companies plan this? because the consultant needs to be hired a few months before, and this is not very common because usually clients need resources for their projects right away.

To start a project in October 2020, the consultant needs to be hired in October 2019 for example, and the H1 petition is sent to the April 2020 lottery.

Thanks for any help.

Usually, it is not a problem for full time companies such as Facebook, Google, etc. as they do not have the consulting requirements that are adhoc…Also, this is not an issue for big MNC outsourcing companies as well, because they have multi year contracts. It is definitely an issue for small IT body shops or small consulting companies… You are right, it is hard to plan such things in advance, that’s why you see so many RFEs lately…The companies need to submit specific client letters later, when USCIS issues RFE.