lost Indian passport after applying for the opt.

I have lost my passport with f1 visa . I applied for the opt but it was not approved.Now what can i do? will my opt gets approved or not? i have any option of getting visa stamped in usa not going to india?

For visa stamping you have to visit India. You should get new passport and whenever you travel outside of US next, get your visa stamped.

Your OPT decision will not impacted by your lost passport.

Every one saying opt needs valid passport. As of now my old passport is not a valid because it is lost in the records of Indian embassy. Does it show any impact on my opt decision. My Opt case was still saying “Case was received.” Thank you bro in advance

Irrespective of whether it impact your OPT or not, you should apply for new passport. If USCIS does need valid passport, they will issue RFE and at that time you can provide new passport details.