Loss of Status L2 or H4 Not known

Me and my spouse were working on L1 and L2 EAD. In June 2012, we both applied for H1. Mine got rejected as my attorney paid wrong fee. My spouse got H1B approved with Company A in October. He was tied up with L1 company until end of the year. He had to go for H1B transfer with Company B as they gave him a better consulting opportunity and joined Company B on 2nd Jan 2013. Meanwhile, Company A applied for my H4 and told me that it was rejected as the attorney did not provide enough documents. We got vexed and the new Employer of my spouse promised us to get my H4 done. Now, the new employer says that he cannot file my H4 and wants my spouse to go for stamping as he did not work for Company A after resigning from L1 Company. What is my status now? I resigned on 27th Dec 2012. In the end, nobody filed h4 for me. Am I still on L2? Need help.

This is a pretty complicated situation. The best thing to do would be to leave US and enter after H-1 and H-4 visa stampings. However, that could run into issues b/c of all the things happened in your case (not working for A, H-4 COS denied etc).

So you should consult a good attorney (not the type who doesn’t know what filing fees is and what documents to submit for COS) and take their opinion ASAP.

You don’t have a valid status at the moment and so it is critical to talk to a good attorney ASAP.