Looking to Apply second time for F-2 Visa

My wife got rejection for F-2 visa in May-2018. They have asked about her stay, she mentioned that she will stay until my opt is valid which is 2 years later. They asked about my salary, asked her - did she ever travelled outside before. she is coming USA as housewife.They have given her 214b .

Now i am looking to reaply again for F-2 . Can she apply again and what is the chance of getting accepted this time…

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She can apply again, nothing is stopping. Well, any visa approval chances depend on many factors and hard to say. In general, F2 is tough because, VO has to be convinced that you can support her with your income in US…

As Kumar said, there is no limit to reapplying and it can always be done. I have seen many clients get approvals in the second round with F-2. A 214b can be countered giving financial support reasons but the most convincing answer centers around evidence that you as primary applicant don’t intend to stay back beyond OPT expiry due to family obligations.

We applied again in Month of August(after 3 months), She got acceptance this Time. As per last line of 214 b, If Social or Financial condition changed, you are eligible to apply again. She got a job in government insititute and meanwhile i also changed my job with increases package. Now she have reason to stay in india and i have enough financial aid to support to her. These all cause leave positive impact on VO. Sometimes it also depend on luck too so be optimistic and work on your case. Hope this information will help everyone who is facing this problem.

Congratulations and thank you for letting us know. This approval is nothing short of miraculous given the high rejection rate for the F-2 class worldwide.

As you said, Your wife got job. What did she mentioned about her stay in US in the second interview? Also did they ask why was she rejected previously or anything related to previous interview?