looking for HIB Sponser in Life science field(Microbiology)

I hold qualification of MSc Microbiology from India and have around 6+ years experience working as Quality Control Microbiologist in pharmaceutical Industry.I am in USA in L2 Visa and looking for job in USA who can sponsor me for HIB Visa in Microbiology field.

Can anyone look into this and guide me on the same. I live currently in Michigan,USA

Michigan is in need of manpower. You must look at certification requirements to enter diagnostic microbiology in Michigan. Then apply for positions within hospitals. I assume you have an L-2 EAD? If not, hospitals are eligible to apply for cap exempt H-1B for you. Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, hopehumanityATgmaildotcom; wwwdothopeforhumanityglobaldotorg