Looking for H1 sponsporship(tranfer h4- to h1)

Hi, My wife went to India on March 2013 and will be back in August 2013. I want to apply H4 to H1B for her. But she don’t have I-94 as she is in india. She got her H4b stamped and valid till oct 2014. Please advise can I apply her H1B from USA without providing I-94 and give the information with updated I-94 once she is back . She is currently working in India and wants to come back on H1 visa. Is there any possibility?



Now there are no options as the cap is full. You have to wait for another one year that is April 2014 for her to apply H1. Her company can sponsor H1 or she has to find a sponsor here.

In my case I came in last May to USA in h4 and by the time I found a consultant and could apply the cap was full. I have more that 6 years of experience and I had to spend one year now. This time I applied and its lottery system and the results are still unknown. So plan in advance if she is career oriented.

Finding an employer who can sponsor is the biggest problem. Do u you have any employer/consultant company in mind who can sponsor her H1?

True but you need some form of reference i.e thru previous employer else the consultants are asking for a client letter. Here finding a good consultant is difficult and the one who can sponsor you. You can go to Dice.com and search for consultants who are doing H1 this year and mail and ask them if they can do it for you next year.

ok Thanks a lot

Although your question has been answered, but let me reiterate - there is nothing like H-4 to H-1 visa conversion. She needs H-1, period. If she is in US on any visa (L-1, H-4, F-1) then she can apply for COS w/ that H-1 petition. If she is outside US (then she has no visa status) and can only apply w/o COS (i.e. w/ consular processing).

Thanks for sharing knowledge Saurabh.
Could you please give me the reference of any good trustworthy consultant company?

I don’t know any company that I can recommend.