Location change within same company procedure

HI,I am a direct employee for My employer (US Company) and working as an Electrical Engineer (Non-IT) with H1B visa (Valid 2020) and my primary work location is California. And my company considering sending to me in the East coast.Now I want to know what the procedure for Location change within the same company.1.Company Need to Apply for Location Change Amendment H1B Petition?2.In case the Amendment H1B Petition denied, can I possible to work on my exiting primary Location?3.If the Amendment H1B Petition denied, is there any affect my Visa status?OrCan I possible to work like 3 months to stay in the East coast and back to California for a week and go back to the East coast without filing Amendment H1B Petition and maintain current LCA Status (I am a field engineer and I used to travel at least 15 days in a month out of states within the USA).ThanksKannan