List of Documents for Going through US Customs with H1B Visa

I finally got my H1B visa stamp and will be traveling to the US soon. What is the list of documents I need to have on me when I go through the US customs at the airport?

If this is your first time H1B,

  1. Employment offer letter with salary, position
    work location start date.
  2. Copy of I-797/H1b I-129 petition .
  3. Valid passport with the H1B visa stamp.

Make sure you also consult with your H1B employer’s immigration lawyer.

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Thank you so much for your reply!

Do I need the original I-797 or is a photocopy enough?
Because my HR person says they need to hold onto the original!

Unfortunately the lawyers are not very responsive.
We will definitely be changing them the first chance we get.

Copy should be good enough