Links to see H1B status?

Hi. Who could tell me all the ways to see the H1B status?
One way is to to to… USCIS case status and write down the case number.
I read once there was another link which is the last update.
When I go to the page:… And then I go to case status… I still can read: we received your response for rfe or somethinf like that but when I went to the other link (which I don’t remeber)… I could see my case was approved and my decision was email out.
Now I can’t find that link and when I go to the one at I still read: we received
. Etc

Well, not sure. In general, there is only link to check H1B Status, that is general USCIS Case Status:

There is another one. I used it like a month ago. I found it on a blog online. I saw my approval there. I just don’t remember the link or the blog to find it. I am getting the papers in these days. Still thanks for your.comment. Good luck on your case too


This one is the one who I was looking for.

Here I can I see that my case was approved. On the one you gave me I still can see that they only got the reply for the RFE.
I hope this one helps everybody.

Well, technically they both are supposed to show same status. This is the reason online status check sometimes is not reliable. Check with your attorney , if they have received a physical copy of the approval notice.