Life never been fair with me

In 2011 I came usa to do a treatment for my tumor I spend 6 months in MD Anderson hospital while I was doing my treatment I found my wife was cheating on my in my home country I divorced her my daughter from her was 1 year , after that I decide to stay in the usa my visa was valid for 3 years and I was already lost a lot in my home country I sold my house in cheap , I don’t have that much family there my mom and dad dead I just have one sister and my brother here on the usa living with his wife and kids , , after 2 years I meet my current wife she been here in usa since she was 6 years and she’s an amircan citizen we loved each other specially she had same my situation her ex was cheating on her too , we really loved each other and our marriage wasn’t because my green card and she’s the only reason to keep me stay here in the usa, after few months of our marriage we meet a lady works in some Attonary offices and she said she will help us in filling my green card application and she will charge us 500 dollars only and we can pay her after I got the green card so we gave her all the applications fee which it was around 1500 dollars she told us that we have to wait 6 months to start receiving our papers from home land security and we believe that !!! After 5 months I heard that usually home land security should send us a recipient numbers for my application with in one month and that didn’t happened to me we haven’t received anything. We start calling home land security and after 2 weeks of calling them there was no applications on my name at all and they haven’t received any payments , that lady she told us maybe there’s a problem or something and she will contact them , every time we was calling her to see if there’s any news she was out of town and she wasn’t responding to our calls , me and my wife decide to send a new application and this time thru a real Attonary and we did it after one month I received the notice from home land security with my recipients numbers , after a few weeks I had a ticket so I went to the court to paid that and the ICE was waiting for me there by the way this was a city ticket and I paid it off before the arrest, they arrest me for 28 hours and my wife paid a bond to get me out of there , at that time I was already having my finger print and I received the travel authorition with work permit and we did the interview twice and I got approved on my I -30 but I had to go the court to solve the deportation issue first court hearing they give another appointment to bring an Attonary , at the second hearing the ICE Attonary ask the judge for another appointment because he is not ready , at the third hearing the Attonary said I have a conviction and he didn’t say what kind of concoction is that !!! I never been in jail before the only time was when ICE arrest me and that was it .

I have a ticket for driving with no driver licence insurance and license plate , it wasn’t my car but I paid all the tickets and I’m still paying for the surcharge I been paying every month for over 2 years I still have one year to finish the payments , I’m not sure if that the conviction the ICE Attonary meant , I’m really tired I haven’t seen my daughter for almost 4 years and I was waiting to solve this matter so me and my wife can go my home country to visit my daughter and to start doing her application to bring her here because her mom don’t want her and my daughter been living in aunt house since I divorced my ex . Please I need advice by the way that lady who took our money first time she give us the money back but after one year and few months , I never did or thought to do anything illegal and I will never going to do something will put me in jail , all I need is having a normal life with my wife and her kids and my daughter that’s all I want .

Sometimes I think to Just go back my country with my wife but the problem she have 2 nice girls 16 and 15 and it’s not fair to make my wife far from them because they live with there dad and our plan was to bring them with us after we buy a house , I don’t want leave my wife finally I found my other half finally I found a person who loves me for who I am she been helping me all that time specially I’m not working because I’m waiting my papers all I want just taking care of her and the girls but I don’t know why God picked me to deal with all these problems .

I’m sorry for the wrong spelling .

You have a deportable offense on your record. It is not a DWL or DWI but something else. Why were you arrested? You can appeal decisions based on family ties but convictions involving moral turpitude are viewed seriously. Who was the owner of the car you were driving? Were you under the influence? Were you in an accident? Did you leave the scene before law enforcement came?

The car was for my friend he just bought and he didn’t have the license plate and the insurance yet , my mistake was I haven’t used my turn signal that’s the reason the cops stop me and because I don’t have a driver license he give the tickets with 4 traffic fines and also the officer was trying to put me in more troubles he said he is smelling a weed inside the car I told him I don’t have any drugs and I don’t use drugs and He ask me if he can search the car I didn’t refused I told him yes he can search the car after he finished searching he couldn’t find anything so he just give me the tickets and I paid them all off , later on I received a letter from the state that I have to pay the surcharge for a 3 years , I already paid 2 years off I just have one last year and I will be done .
The arrest was from ICE because at the time my visa was expired .