letting f1 status expire (go out of status) while waiting for f2

Hi! My wife and I are both on F1 visa’s right now. She decided not to continue schooling any longer and applied for an adjustment of status to F2 in October. It’s still being processed and the school is telling us that if she doesn’t register for classes by the end of the month (Jan) that they will have to report her to SEVIS and she will go out of status and then she won’t be eligible anymore for F2. Is that the case? I called USCIS and they were not able to provide us with an answer. We did receive a receipt from the USCIS stating that they received all of the documents required. Would anyone know anything about this situation? Is the school correct in saying that if her F1 status expires that she will not be able to receive F2?

Thanks in advance!


Your wife must register in school and must maintain the F-1 status until USCIS approves and change of status to F-2. Like the school has mentioned, she will certainly go out of status once she does not attend school while still on F-1. Remember that she will be on F-1 until your approval comes for her to change to F-2.