Let me know who attended H1B visa interview from dubai consulate in 2016 and got 221g query

I have attended H1B visa interview on 30th june 2016 in UAE dubai US embassy and VO asked to submit my employer and client PO document and he provided one link where i need to upload and provided yellow slip with 221g. i have done it on 3rd july 2016 and from that point of i am waiting for response and still there is no respose.please let me know how it wroks in dubai us consulate,how much time it will take?

Please help if anyone faced same issue and in how many days you got response from UAE dubai us consulate.

Usually there is no set processing time for this. This could take days, weeks or months.

Thanks for your reply,is there any possibility to know the status of my case through email or calling to call center or through attorney? Thanks in advance

You can go through those channels, but you would get the same reply as what you see online on their site.

Ok Thanks for reply saurabh

hi, i got into a similar situation in US Consulate Dubai. Did you finally get the visa? how long was the wait?

It took 3 months to get stamp my visa.