Leaving US for H1B re-stamping. Interview waiving

Hey. Have a question. I’m currently in US. And want to go home for holidays. My visa stamp is expired in April. Looks like I can get visa stamp in my home country without interview(for the same type of visa). And seems like it’s also possible in some other places like Mexico.
So few questions:

  • Did anyone had experience with restamping h1b visa without interview.
  • Will June proclamation affect me in this cases. As far as I know it only affect people who was outside of US on June 22.

Thanks for the help.

There are many users, who have used the Dropbox option.
No, it will not affect you.

Hi, I have a quick question regarding the same point.

I am in the US and have my H1B approved, however I want to have the stamping done in India. I want to come to India and finish this stuff off, but heard that there are changes in the rules for the appointment booking and all.

Now I am not sure if it would be safe to travel India and book an emergency appointment for H1B stamping. (I was previously on F1 Visa which would be expiring in February)

I don’t think you’ll fall under Emergy appointment category. What reason are you gonna give them for the emergency appointment?