Leaving and entering US immediately


My friend who is in US wanted to leave US and come back to US in another dependant visa immediately because of no job in H1b & other personal reasons as well. Is travelling to Canada/Mexico a good choice? Is there any risk involved to just go out of the country and reenter immediately on other visa. Please pour your thoughts…

P.S : Valid dependant visa is there and therefore no stamping required. Just exit and reenter US to change the visa.

can anybody reply to my question. This is really really urgent.

Thanks in advance for your time


As such, there is no risk but it is a very good idea to contact the country your friend intends to visit and explain the purpose beforehand to avoid uncomfortable situation at airport / other ports of entry. I assume your friend is on an H-4 visa?

Dr. Sandeep Shankar


Colorado Heights University



Thank you for the reply. No currently in H1b visa but also have H4 visa stamped. But due to bench and personal reasons want to go back to H4. For that,is it ok to travel to Canada/Mexico and come back immediately on H4 visa instead of filing COS. Whom do you think we can approach in that country to discuss this.


Which state and city are you or your friend in?

My friend is in Pheonix,AZ