LCA title for Business Operations Analyst


I am applying for the H1b visa for second time.

My Title at the company is Senior Business Operations analyst.

I have done my MBA in Growth Strategy.

My first H1b application was denied after RFE response concluded insufficient evidence. The LCA title was Business Operations Specialist, All others.

The RFE was for Speciality occupation asking for evidence on the Title to prove further information.

When I asked around other Attorneys, few mentioned the Title itself does not have enough evidence to support a response.

So I want to know the right Title for the LCA for a Business Analyst working in Operations and Strategy or even in Product Management, my attorney has a few suggestions but I want to ask around.

Thank you

Your qualification becomes specialty when your education and experience combine with country of origin. What do you feel about ‘International Business Analyst - Operations’? ‘Analyst’ in your case is also a ‘Strategist’ but that’s your call. ‘International’ shows your presence in the company with a specialty role that helps with overseas expansion.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar