LCA Processing Time, have field it on 8th June

Hi Saurabh,

My Employer had filled my LCA on 8th Jun 2012, can you let me know approx when can i receive the LCA approved.

And if this time i miss to apply, my OPT Ends in Feb 2013. but the H1B starts in April, will i be in the Status or i will be out of status. Please Explain. I am in a very panic situation.


LCA approval takes 5 to 10 days if there is no issues. You can check status online here: [](

your application is unlikely to reach USCIS before this year's quota exhaust. But again you lets wait for quota update anf hope for best

Regarding OPT, you will have to find a way to cover month of March'13. Once your H1B is applied on 1st April then you will be fine. 

- K Raja


As you will have 60 days grace period after your OPT, you can file for H1B on the opening day through premium processing. Once you have the receipt, you can be on cap-gap status. But you will not have work authorization until October. (As you are filing for H1B on non-work authorization status - grace period)

Ask if this is not clear.