LCA period of intened employment for certification

I’m being sponsored for a H1B Visa and they are trying to send the LCA for certification but when we put the Period of Intended Employment on the form for October 1st 2014 ( which is 2015 Fiscal year) says the following:

[b]The following errors occurred (on Step 1) and may result in a denial of this LCA 9035E.[/b]

·         Please enter the begin date greater than today's date and within the next 183 days.

The initial date forthem to file all the documents and forms to the  USCIS is April 1st (2014), and in order to do so they must have the LCA approved/ certified  but it cant event send it because of that error , so my questions is if they put the initial date for September instead of Ocober -  will this create a problem for that person to start working ?  If Yes then when is the date they should put on the system?  Should they put that date for the LCA and then october 1st for the I-129 form?


Please help us ASAP .... Thank you