LCA or Amendment

Hi All,

I want to know Amendment or LCA - What will happen in this case?

I have petition approved in 2013. I traveled to USA in October 2014 and returned on December 2014. My VISA is valid till August 2016. I worked in USA for client A and now I my company is filing LCA for client B. So, as per below, do I need to do amendment or LCA would be fine?

  1. I worked in USA for client A and now filing LCA for client B.
  2. Both the client’s location are different. So it is location change.
  3. For client A, I traveled for Role A and now for client B, I will be traveling as Role B. So, my role is also getting changed.

Please suggest. Will above changes requires amendment or LCA will be fine?

Since there is a change in location and role both, its good to get all fresh filing(non CAP) of H1 with new LCA.

Location change may trigger prevailing wages difference. Also the role change cant be managed within LCA limits. So, better getting a new H1 filing.