LCA change query before go to Dropbox stamping - Exempt case

Hi Team,

My H1 B visa picked in 2015 lottery and stamped with SFO location with Client A, its got expired on Sept 30, 2016, now applied premium Exempt with same SFO location with Client A and got approved from USCIS on Jan 11th 2017. it would be great help if you can clarify me on below queries…

  1. Now I got new opportunity for client B in other location, Can I change LCA before stamping?

  2. Actually I’m eligible for Dropbox stamping, If I can change LCA in my first point, am I eligible for Dropbox for stamping now also(we do not have stamping dates in near future till next 2 months, so I should not lost this option because of LCA change)?

Request you to please reply back to my mail, it you can reply as soon as possible then that would be added help…



Is there any updates on this query??