LCA Amendment Not filed working at home office

I got my H-1B visa approved last year and started working for Company A from April 6th 2015 onwards. I am working as an internal employee and was supposed to relocate to HQ location X , but instead I have been working out of Home Office in a different state location Y. I have an offer letter with my current company for whom I work so no Client Letter is involved. My company is now filing for LCA amendment.

I have a valid H-1B petition and visa stamp. My question is would I be fined for late LCA amendment, or would my present petition/H-1B be denied. What is the best solution for a situation like this? Please advise.

The employer needs to file new LCA and H-1 amendment. Legally, they should have filed it soon after you started working from the new location. However, even if it is filed now, you may still ok.

If USCIS or future visa stamping officer asks when you started working from home office and notices LCA date, then you may run into issues.