LCA amendment - Multiple work location on H1B

I have my petition approved for 3 years for X location on LCA on 31 Aug 2019,
Then I file for the LCA amendment to update it to a new work location, immediately post 31st Aug 2019,

  1. Will I be able to fly to India in the month of Nov 2019 for visa stamping?now since I have changed the work location on LCA and filed an amendment and my decision is still pending.
  2. Irrespective of my LCA amendment decision, If I go to India for stamping? Will that have any impact on my approved date ( which is 3 years).
  3. Can I have multiple work location on my LCA?

Can you please advise?

  1. You can travel, but you need to make sure the job you are working and going for stamping is the current one and not the extension.
  2. It should not, as you are working on it currently.
  3. LCA is tied to one work location only…
    Talk to your attorney and carry all relevant document and seek guidance on how to answer, if asked in interview.

Thanks Kumar for your response. To my 3rd point -
I got my H1 approval for client Company A based in City X, the LCA also shows city X as place of work. Now, the same company is ready to give me the option to Work From Home from City Y which is 900 miles from the location mentioned in the LCA. If i take this offer do i need to have a new LCA and also an H1 amendment. My client company, position, roles and responsibilty, H1 employer will all remain the same.
Can you please advise?

Yes, definitely an LCA for sure…If other things are same, there may not be a need for amendment. You should check with your attorney and then do this carefully. If there is an FDNS H1B site visit, you need to answer questions and be compliant.