LCA address differs with i-129 address

the h1b petition was filed in April 2017, where in LCA the location was mentioned NJ location (main location of employer ), while in i-129, the work location was mentioned 2 locations (company home address, AND client -end address).

In RFE it was requested to file new LCA with 2 locations, but it might have be be certified prior to filing petition. (2017 April),

As we couldn’t provide new LCA with 2 locations which was certified prior to filing petition, with 2017 April certified date, we changed the job type- instead of being “off-site” -> to “on-site” remote (physically will location in company’s main location (NJ) and do job for client remotely (client’s location is Phoenix, AZ).

Would that represent an obstacle and be subject for case denial? Any idea?