Lay off in progress - Need help

Hello there,

My company is laying me off and have given me 25 days of notice. I am on H1B right now. I have 2 questions on my mind right away:

  1. How many days can I stay in the US looking for another job after I am laid off.

  2. I might be getting married later this year to a guy who has his H1. So, can I switch from my current H1 to H4 and then look for jobs and will my current H1 still be active then? (I got my H1 only this year so its still fresh). So will that transfer of H4 back to H1 be like any other company transfer?

Thanks for all the help,


  1. As far as I know, there is no “grace period” that you could stay in the US after being laid off - you are supposed to exit US immediately.

    1. I believe, you can switch to H4 only after your marriage. If marriage doesn’t happen during these 25 days, you might have to leave US and come back on stamped H4 after marriage. Later you may transfer your H1B to another employer w/ COS from H4 to H1B.