Last date of H1b stamping as I797 validity expires in 2 months

I recieved an I797B in October '12,with 1 year validity,for H1B visa applied in India.

I could not get it stamped as I was in France during the same period.

My first question,what is generally the last date for H1B stamping?As in my case ,I797B states that the validity is till 10-Sep-13,so in case if I go for stamping, will my visa be valid till 10-Sep-13 itself?

Secondly,can I get my H1b stamping in france,where I am currently residing.My initial travel to US has been delayed and is scheduled for this year end.

What is the best possible course of action,that you would recommed. Thanks a lot in advance.

  1. Yes, visa stamp will be until petition expiration date. My suggestion would be to get the petition extended first, and then appear for stamping to get a longer duration. When does your employer want you to start working for them in US?

  2. If you are currently residing in FR, then you can appear for stamping there. Also, confirm this by calling the US consulate there.