Landing in US without informing US Employer

Hi Saurabh,

My H1 visa have been approved.

My employer has given flying date to US would be march second week.

My wife is pregnant and till the when march second week comes the pregnancy will exceed more than 6 months.

Is it advisable to fly 15 days before the intended flying date that too without informing my employer? I have temporary arrangements to stay in US till the time march 15 comes…I am also planning to buy health insurance for my wife so that we don’t need to spend much during her delivery.

What would be the approx cost of buying health insurance for a pregnant lady?

Is it true that if the baby is born in US , he/she gets the US citizenship even though the parents are Indian?

Can I change the employer without landing in the US and without pay stubs ?

It is not advisable to enter USA without the knowledge of your employer. The legality of your stay here is dependent on your employment to your employer. In case, you are questioned in immigration, the first thing they do to check you story, is contact your manager or employer here in USA. So, the employer should be well aware of your travel.

Thanks …

I’ll come when the employer gives me confirm date.

what if I don’t tell employer that my wife is coming along with me? Will it create any issue ?