L2 Visa - Unable to select interview slot for Chennai

Hi All,
I am trying to book an interview slot in Chennai for L2 interview - I see the slots but when I select and click on Next, it would mention that no slots are available.
Has anyone been able to successfully book any slots recently?

Am trying to book a regular slot first and then ask for expedited, however am unable to book any appointment slots which are showing as open in Feb and March.

Please help.


This is a common issue when the appointment slots are not available. Many are waiting.
The slots that are issued in a very minimal number. You can follow the telegram group below for more info

I was able to book a slot - for Nov 1, 2021. That is the earliest apportionment available for Chennai.

Wow, that is pretty lateā€¦Email consulate to check, if they would hold them or you need to book later.