L2 Visa Stamped and H1B status - Travel stamping

Hi Kumar,

I have a L2 Visa stamped and it has a validity till 2022, I had a pending H1B (1.5) years and my employer applied for my H1B, now my H1B is getting maxed out and I applied COS for L2 and EAD. However both L2 and EAD is taking a long time to process. I raised an expedited request, they responded that they cannot approve EAD since L2 is not approved.

Since I already have L2 stamped in my passport - if I travel out of country, will there be a need to go for a visa interview ? Considering I already have a L2 visa stamped in my passport.Will my visa be converted to L2 ? Will it impact the existing EAD application ?

Please guide.

Best Regards