L2 Visa for male spouse


I would be going for L2 Visa Interview along with my wife’s L1 application and daughter’s L2 what should be my response on below question,

  1. Why do you need to go to US.

  2. Are you going to work in US.

  3. Are you going to leave your Job

Please help me with what should be my answers.



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you can answer either way like in possitive or negative. Its not gonna harm you like if you say i am leaving my current job and going with my wife to stay there for some time with family and we are gonna come back.Meantime if i get some job i am gonna work…like

Its completely depends on you, how you would be convincing the interviewer. Be bold and confident. That helps you a lot

Answers should be honest and Confident.

I have seen people are giving deplomatic answers and getting rejected for L2.

Your answers should be what My employer has suggested is :

1.I would like to go to stay with my family as we have nuclear family I cant stay without my family here.Dont forget to mention -I will return back again once my wife will complete her work in US.

2.Right now no plan to work there. I will better stay at home.(this should be answer if you dont have any work visa on your password. But if you have already stamped Visa for Work. Then Say I will Work if I get any best opportunity suitable to my profile.)

3.Yes I am Leaving my job to stay with my family.(If you are taking leaves from your current job to go to US and After returning you are going back to join the current job say it frankly.)

Hope you have got perfect idea.