L2 visa extension - Stamping - Do I need L1 Stamping for it?


I have a question regarding my L2 visa extension. Currently I am in India and looking for L2 visa extension, our visas got expired in march 2020 and also got our extension approved until march 2022, my husband is currently in USA and I stayed back in India due to COVID19 pandemic, now want to get my visa stamped in order to return to USA.
So is it mandatory for me to provide my husband’s valid visa as a mandatory document (his visa is not yet stamped as he couldn’t go out of USA) for visa stamping or can i submit both of our I-797 approval notes?, looking for your responses at the earliest. Thank you.

You do not need your spouse’s L1 Visa stamping document. All you need is your spouse’s L1 Approval notice. So, just carry the extension approval and letter from the company that you are applying for the same. Check below

Thank you very much kumar :blush: