L2 VISA and EAD Extension using Combined I-539 and I-765 filing


Could you please help me in this scenario?

My Wife’s L1 & I-94 is approved till Sept 2021.
My L2 is expired and I-94, EAD is valid till Aug 2020.

Now, I want to file my L2 extension as well as EAD extension, so If I am filing I-539 extension online, how can I file my I-765? Moreover, USCIS says following for this kind of combined filing…

If you are filing Form I-765 with another form, file both forms (with all the required filing fees and supporting documents) at the location specified by the other form (see below). For example, if you are filing Form I-765 together with Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status, file both forms according to the Form I-539 instructions.

So that’s why I am not sure where should I send my I-765 application if I want to file along with I-539.

Appreciate your help and Thanks in advance!!


As you need to apply for EAD too and cannot file it online, it is recommended to do Paper filing. Send both to the I-539 location. That’s what it means.
If you are not fully clear, ask your L1 visa attorney and get it clarified.