L2 to H1B COS denied - what is my current status


I came to US on L2 (EAD approved) visa and have been working. My husband’s L1 to H1 visa was approved on 30th October. We filed for my L2 to H4 COS as well with my husband’s L1 to H1 COS.

Parallely I had also filed for L2 to H1B COS with another employer. My husbands’ L1 to H1 was approved on oct 30th and so my H4 was also approved on Oct 30th. However, my L2 to H1B COS with another employer was denied on Nov 5th.

What is my current status -

  • will i automatically go back to H4 ?

  • will the last action rule come into play and I’m out of status now

  • do i have to file for another H4 transfer to manintain status.