l2 stamped-h1b cos- again L2

My husband and myself entered US on Stamped L1b,l2 visas respectively. My l2 ead was valid till feb 2015. Last year i applied h1b in cap and got approved. Cos was done to h1b since last October(2014). My l2 ead got expired 2015 feb but l2 visa valid till august 2015. Now, i want to change from H1 to l2 Do i need to go back to home country and re enter on l2 stamped visa or can i just be in US and apply for COS to l2 or do I eventually come under L2 once i quit my employer with whom im on h1b? Will i go out of status if i quit my employer now with h1b?

Help needed please :frowning: