L2 I-94 extension and H1 application simultaneously

Please help,

I have L2-EAD (I-94) valid till Oct, 10th 2013 and my employer (US MNC) is applying for my H1 this year. Simultaneously my husband’s company would be applying for his and my I-94 extension in October. Will this application to get I-94 extension affect/harm my H1 Visa.

Thank you!

Try to get your H-1 approved w/ COS by Oct 1. Once this happens, L-1 employer is no longer required to file for your L-2 extension.

If H-1 is denied, then L-2 extension needs to be filed.

If H-1 is still pending in Oct, then L-2 extension needs to be filed. It won’t impact the outcome of H-1 processing but will start a race scenario b/w H-1 and L-2. The petition that gets approved later will determine your eventual status.

Thanks a lot Saurabh! Your response is very much appreciated.