L2 Expiered & I94 extention for L2 approved- Travel to India

Hi guys,

I'm on L1 visa through my company's blanket petition.

Below are my and wife's visa details:


L1 Expiry Date: 03/2014

L1 I-94 Expiry Date: 05/2016


L2 Expiry Date: 03/2014

L2 I-94 Expiry Date: 05/2016


My wife (primary applicant L1 will be in US) has to travel to India. I've the following questions:


1. If my wife travels to India and wants to returns back to US, She need a new L2 Visa. Can she file based on my L1 ? Once he got her I94 extension approved, she received a petetion. Can same be utilized in this case.


2. Will she get the visa as per my I94 exp date?


3. Is this a easy process or are there any chances of rejection assosiated? Any person sailing in same boat? Experience /Process/ Chances of approval deniel?


Thanks in advance.