L2 expedite request denied

Our visa expired on 12/14/2020. We applied for an extension a couple of months prior - in September. My husband’s L1 visa was approved on March, 2021 and my son and I are still waiting for our L2. My son just got his high school diploma from here and the university he wanted to go to are denying admission since he has no valid visa. We tried to request for an expedite for that reason, but that has also been denied since “it doesn’t match the criteria for expedition”. At this point, we are unsure what we can do for his college admission in this scenario. Please help.

Thanks in advance!

Visa is only required for entry into the US. You should talk to the Dean/Chancellor of the college and show all past L2 I797/I94 approval notices along with the pending L2 extension receipt and tell them that your son legally entered US and is in legal status currently. Your son is considered to be in legal status while on L2 extension pending status and should be eligible for admission. Make it a point by asking how come DACA kids are accepted when everyone knows that they crossed illegally.
Fight it out!

Alternately contact your Senator and ask for help.

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Thanks for your reply. This really helps!
We have contacted their administration and have talked to many but nobody’s taking the initiative to actually continue the admission process. We are trying to reach the dean and the local senate, let’s see if that helps.
Another quick question - while possessing all the required information, we aren’t able to convince the legality of our stay to them. How would we be able to do that?
Once again, thank you for your help!

Your proof is the USCIS receipt for L2 extension. That should be it. If they still deny, tell them to give you in writing that they are denying and then hire an attorney and sue them.

Also once admitted, plan on switching your son to F1 before he turns 21 unless your green card is being processed and can be approved before he turns 21.